Omelets and Greens

gARDEN 041Today I harvested lots of greens from the indoor planter box. In the pile of greens contains baby swiss chard, lettuce, basil, spinach, and cilantro.

I used the baby basil and spinach to make a 3 egg omelet.  The taste of the spinach and basil was amazing.  The crispness of the spinach and spiciness of the basil went nicely together.  I turned the rest of the greens into a side salad for my eggs.

gARDEN 042To make the omelet I used 3 fresh Larry Schultz’s organic eggs.  I will let one of the masters of french cooking take it from here!

Planter Box Update

gARDEN 039I have been getting a lot of growth in my planter box during the last couple of weeks.  I had my first harvest of baby greens.  The spinach, swiss chard and cilantro made a nice salad.  I tossed the greens with some balsamic vinegar.  According to growingyourgreens you should eat greens when they are young and tender.

gARDEN 025

O.K. after the harvest this is what is going on currently in the box.  gARDEN 026

I removed the rosemary that was growing to make room for some basil plants.  I put the rosemary in a pot to see if it will keep growing.  I don’t use rosemary very often when I cook because it is a harsher tasting herb.  If it lives great if not oh well.

gARDEN 027



The basil is still small, but they where growing in one small area and needed to be thinned.  Fresh basil is one of my favorite herbs.  I just love the smell and taste. gARDEN 029


After the harvest for my salad, the swiss chard is still going strong with plenty of small shoots coming up.

gARDEN 032


The spinach on the other hand is coming back a little slower than the swiss chard.  On this end of the box there is a small draft from the window.  This could be the cause of lack of growth.  However, eating the baby spinach taste great.

gARDEN 034

The cilantro is growing nicely.  This herb is one of Megan’s favorite.  The seeds are called coriander and the plant is called cilantro. I use both at the restaurant“Just Thinking” feat. Chali 2na will put this post to a close.  Spring is coming soon!

Planter Box Update

AGRIDUDE-2-7-13 011I final purchased a grow light for my planter box that I built last summer.  It has two T5 high out blubs,  and it is about 4 feet long.  I have it on a timer with 10 hours on and 14 hours off.  AGRIDUDE-2-7-13 002



I have planted swiss chard, spinach, cilantro, basil, and some random left over seeds.  The problem that I am having is keeping the planter box warm during this time of year.  However, seeds are starting to germinate.

AGRIDUDE-2-7-13 004


I built the stand that the light is on from PVC pipping and buried it the box.

AGRIDUDE-2-7-13 006


Here are some up close pictures of what I have growing.  Off to work!

AGRIDUDE-2-7-13 003

Heirloom Tomatoes with Basil and Goat Cheese on a Crostini

Agridude - Garden HarvestOne of my favorite appetizers is using our heirloom tomatoes and basil from the garden and make a modified bruschetta with goat cheese.  You will need a loaf of french bread or sour dough, some heirloom tomatoes, basil, and goat cheese.  It’s a pretty easy recipe.  You cut the bread into small slices and butter each side and bake at 400 for 4-5 on each side.

Agridude - Buttered Bread Ready to Bake

The picture above is of the tomatoes we used.  Using home grown tomatoes in this recipe really makes this taste superb.  We have used grocery store tomatoes (trader joes heirlooms) and they just don’t compare.



Agridude - Diced Heirloom Tomatoes and Basil LeavesTo the left is a green zebra diced up into small pieces.  The basil leaves are to the right and still need to be minced.  You will be blending the cream cheese with the basil and spreading it on the bread, so the finer the better.



Once the bread is done (done is as crunchy or soft as you want it), you can start spreading a layer of the goat cheese and basil mixture.  Once you are done putting the spread on all the bread, spoon the diced tomatoes on top and eat when you finish.  Here are two pictures that show what they should look like

Agridude - Heirloom Tomatoes on Crostini with Goat Cheese and BasilAgridude - Heirloom Tomatoes on Crostini with Goat Cheese and Basil 2

Cleaning Out The Icebox

Last Tuesday night it was just Aidan and I.  Being a poor Chef at Muffuletta in Park I decided to make dinner with what I had on hand and product from my patio garden.



I had one package of chicken thighs, some old green onions, mushrooms, garlic, half a red onion, and an old open bottle of white wine.  Lets get started.  First thing first turn on some music and pour a drink.  I had a couple glasses a wine during this adventure.


I took all the ingredients above and cut them into medium dice.  I then placed them into a oven safe baking dish.  There is some fresh basil from my garden on top as well.






I seared the chicken thighs in a pan with some oil until they where golden brown on the skin side.  I then placed them in the baking dish with white wine and chicken stock.  The thighs braised in the oven for 2 hours at 320 degrees.

While the chicken was cooking I made a salad of greens and cherry tomatoes from the garden.  I made a quick dressing with oil and vinegar.

Below is the finished dish!!  Off to work.  I am thinking of seared miso salmon with bacon-shrimp broth for the weekend. We will see!!

Koom’s Garden Patio 7/24/12

Welcome back, welcome back!!

Here is a picture of what had happened in the last couple of weeks.

Basil is looking good.  This is just two plants that have took off.  When the basil starts to flower I cut off the tops and feed them to my worms!  It smell great and is awesome in salads.

My Swiss chard is out of control.  I cut some off about 2 weeks ago to eat.  It just keeps coming back.








I am starting to get lots of tomatoes.  I have two different species .  One on the rights is a pea size heirloom tomato.  On the left is a cherry heirloom. I got these seeds from a buddy from work.  I always save some seeds from the year before.  

My hop plant on the left came back from death.  Maybe I will get some flowers soon!!  That’s all from Koom’s Patio!

Caprese Salad with Tomatoes from the Garden

Agridude - Crnkovic Yugoslavian TomatoLast Friday, I pulled the first tomato from our Crnkovich Yugoslavian plant. describes the tomato as ‘A really productive, big, pink tomato from former Yugoslavia. This variety was brought to the USA by Yasha Crnkovic. Gardeners rave about its rich-tasting fruit that can grow over 1 lb. This variety can produce all summer and well into the fall, being quite vigorous. The fruit are fairly smooth and very attractive for such a large tomato.’  It is the larger of the 3 in the picture on the right.  The other two are some cherry tomatoes that I picked as well.

In order to make Caprese salad with tomatoes from the garden, you will need some fresh mozzarella slices (buy at grocery store), tomatoes from the garden (or the store if you don’t garden), basil from the garden (or store), balsamic vinegar, and some salt and pepper.

I didn’t take any pictures cutting the cheese or tomatoes, just the final product.  I lay a slice of tomato down on a plate, place a basil leaf on it and place a slice of mozzarella on top.  Then I drizzle balsamic vinegar over everything and add some salt and pepper if needed.  Here is a picture of the finished product below.  Please leave a comment if you have a different recipe for making Caprese.

Agridude - Caprese Salad

Cape Mayhem Gardens Update June 27th

Agridude - Cape Mayhem Gardens Full ViewI went over to the garden this morning after my bike ride to take some pictures and water.  As you can see, the garden looks pretty good.  Our tomatoes are green,tall and bushy, the pepper plants are doing great.  We have started getting sunshine at the beach too!  Since last friday, we have had the sun out all day.  It has been very nice and I’m sure the plants are loving it.  I gave them a nice deep watering this morning.

Agridude - Potted Omars LebaneseMy Omars Lebanese tomato was struggling in the dirt.  I was debating just ripping it out and throwing it away since it was not nearly as tall or healthy as the other plants.  I decided to pull it this past weekend, but my friend Peter talked me into potting it to see if we couldn’t save it.  I planted it in an old pot that we had lying around and we’ll see what happens.  I am going to have to add some fertilizer to get some good nutrients in the soil for it to have a chance.  I’ll give it some leachate tomorrow and see if it won’t turn it’s fortunes around.

Agridude - Beat Up Cucumbers

My cucumber leaves are still covered with powdery mildew.  I did not apply anymore neem oil to them today.  I will have to do it tomorrow.  I was debating pulling these and putting in new plants.  I might see how they do over the next week or so.  There are a lot of new leaves, but the mildew is all over the vines.  I’ll wait to see what happens with the fruit production.

Agridude - Serrano plantTo the right is a picture of the serrano plant.  This thing is going absolutely crazy!  We have always had good production from our serranos, but the plants have never gotten this tall before.  Sorry for the bad picture, didn’t realize the sun was going to bleach out the top portion of the pic.  There are tons of flowers all of the plant and there are around 5 peppers currently growing.  One cucumber vine wrapped itself around a serrano branch so I cut that loose and staked that branch up.


Agridude - Cherry Tomato turning red

I did some pruning of the tomatoes today as well.  I removed a lot of yellow leaves from the bottoms of the plants.  I noticed that we have a cherry tomato that is beginning to turn red.  There are also a ton of other cherries growing.  I can’t wait for these to be in full production so I can snack on them while doing garden maintenance.

Agridude - Cherry Tomato turning red  Here is a cluster of Crnkovic Yugoslavian’s tomatoes on our heirloom tomato plants.  These should turn out to be 1-2 pound red fruits.  Since I added the worm leachate two weeks ago, I have noticed that the leaves on this plant are growing uber large.  I am excited to taste these and compare them to last years varieties of tomatoes.

Agridude - Jalapenos

The jalapenos are continuing to put out quite a few fruits.  Here is a picture of 2 of our plants.  They are actually larger than what we have had in the past.  We like to make some stuffed jalapenos and we have been unable to do them with them from the garden because they do not grow large enough.  We might be able to give it a try this year though!  If we do, Ill post the recipe with pics.

Here are some other pictures that I took this morning.  The first one is a close up of the right half of the garden.  Basil is looking good.  2nd photo is the new homepage banner and is a full view of the garden.  Last pic is of some pickling cucumbers that I pulled.  I need to pickle them soon…

Agridude - Basil Jalapeno

Agridude - Cape Mayhem Gardens

Agridude - Cucumbers picked

Update On Koom’s patio Garden

Going for back to back post. Got a call from Paul yesterday so here we go.

All of my plants are growing well in the pots.  I fertilize once a week.  Here are some pictures.

My Basil is growing well and smells great.  Unfortunately I had four plants going but two died.




Small pot of mixed lettuces.  This is the second time I tried growing lettuce this season.  The first batch was eaten my small green grubs!!



My pepper plants are in the background.  There are tons of budding flowers.  Hopefully we will get some peppers.  I got the seedlings from a friend from work, so I do not remember what types they are.  In front of the peppers are multiple plants of swiss chard.

The tomato plants are growing in a hurry.  Lots of small flowers starting to bud.








My hop plant is really taking off!!  Starting to train it to go left up the string.  Its hard to see but there are two more strains starting to grow on the right.  Below is a picture of the whole garden.  That’s all for know.  Off to go camping on the North Shore with the kid and wife.

Paul’s Potted Patio Garden

Agridude - Patio Garden BeginningI live in an apartment that has a 7×10 deck on it.  I have been growing romaine, thyme, basil, sage, blue berries, and one patio tomato on it since I moved in.  Here is a picture when I just started it.  My goal for the patio garden is to produce enough lettuce and spinach so that I don’t have to buy bags of salad at the grocery store. I am planning on building some planter boxes and filling it up with lettuce soon.

I get limited sun due to a large dead tree blocking the sun, and also because my apartment building is behind a large hill. This should be ideal for growing lettuces.  I received a bunch of free seeds from Heirloom Seeds when I ordered a bunch of tomato seeds from them.  I can’t wait to plant them.

Here are pictures of the other stuff that I have growing on the deck. I did not take pictures of the blueberries, but I will get those up soon.  I have not had good luck with getting them to produce any fruit.  I learned recently that it’s hard to grow them this close to the coast.  I need to find someone inland to grow them for me…

Agridude - Patio Garden Parsley

Parsley Grown from Seed

Agridude - Patio Garden Sage and Rosemary

Sage and Rosemary

Agridude - Patio Garden Chives Romain Basil

Chives Romain Basil

Agridude - Patio Garden Thyme Romaine

Thyme Romaine

Agridude - Patio Garden Tomato Plant

Patio Tomato Plant