Stuffed Jalapenos from the Garden with Bacon

Agridude - Jalapenos in the GardenHere is one of the recipes that I really like to eat with jalapenos from the garden.  I also use this recipe with jalapenos that I buy from the farmers market or the grocery store. All you need is some bacon, whipped cream cheese, and jalapenos


Agridude - Washed Jalapenos


Wash as many jalapenos as you want to eat.  Figure about 4 per normal person, 8 per agridude, and 10 if you are a part of QT (that reference is for my brother Adam and a few other select people)


Agridude - Jalapenos halved and guttedCut the jalapenos in half down the middle and then remove the white parts on the inside and as many or as little of the seeds as you want.  I tend to remove ALL the seeds because I have what some would describe as a sensitive stomach and no tolerance for heat…


Agridude - Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheeseStuff the jalapeno halves with cream cheese.  I buy whipped cream cheese (a large tub) for the filling. If you have some shredded mexican cheese, you can throw a handful in for some color and mash it into the cream cheese.  Fill the jalapenos so they are even or if you are like me, over flowing with cream cheese.


Agridude - Frying BaconFry up some bacon that is cut into bits the length of a jalapeno.  Don’t cook too long, just to when it’s starting to cook since we are going to be baking them after this quick pan fry.  Dry the bacon on some paper towels when they are done.


Agridude - Jalapenos stuffed and covered with baconNext, place the bacon bits on top of the jalapeno halves.  You probably should have preheated your oven to 375 by now (remember next time to do it ahead of time just like I am in this post…) Throw them in the oven for 10 minutes or however long you think it’ll take to finish off the bacon and warm up the cheese.  Enjoy the stuffed jalapenos,they are awesome.  Be careful though because they are fiery hot out the oven.  Here is the finished product.

Agridude - Jalapenos finished

One thought on “Stuffed Jalapenos from the Garden with Bacon

  1. We’re up in Big Bear for my birthday this weekend. Went wake boarding this morning and really drummed up an appetite. Just finished sinking a freaking flotilla of cream cheese filled jap boats. And I can attest that Paul did in fact take down a QT ten of them. I probably only had four or five, but we also mixed it up and made a few with mexican cheese and browned ground beef. Those were good too, but much hotter, because you don’t get the cooling effect of the cream cheese. Keep it spicy San Diego.

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