What’s in your water? (part one)

I’ve been keeping freshwater fish since early 2011. My philosophy has been to keep things simple and to let nature teach me what works, so that I can invest as little as possible in time and money to make healthy ecosystems on a small scale.  The goal initially, as with most aquarium hobbyists, was to have a bit of life inside our home – to give us something to look at and engage with, other than a screen. Read More

Spacing in the Garden

Spacing out your garden is very important for the productivity and health of your garden.  If you plant to close together your plants will not have the room to grow.  On the other hand if they are to far apart your garden is not going to be as productive as it could be.  I found this website which can help with design and organization of your plants. Good luck. Read More

Raised Beds from Plastic Storage Containers

Agridude - Pouring in Potting Soil My friend Jason has a huge yard in Pacific beach. I talked him into letting me garden over there.  We created raised beds from plastic storage containers that I found on craigslist.  The soil in San Diego is terrible so this was an easy way to get a garden started at his house.  His yard is shaded so we decided to use this little section of patio space. Read More

Gopher Trapping and Garden Updates

Agridude - Gopher DamageHere is a photo of my garden 2 weeks after my last post.  You can see that the swiss chard has been demolished by gophers, as well as the carrots and beets.  This is when I started to research gopher trapping.  I had to go out and buy to Macabee gopher traps.  I asked my Grandpa if he ever had any trouble with gophers and he told me that his mom was quite the avid gopher trapper.  He explained to me how to set the traps.  It’s pretty simple to do.  You have to find a fresh gopher mound, and then use a stake, rod, etc and poke in the ground to find which directions the tunnels run.  Once you do that, you dig a whole and set a trap in each direction.  Make sure you tie your traps together and then stake them down once they are set.  This is to prevent the gopher from running off with your trap if it doesn’t kill it.  You should cover the whole with a brick or paver once the traps are set.  Then all you have to do is wait…  Here is a link that might explain this better, it also has pictures. Read More

Four Weeks Later – My Plot at the Ocean Beach Community Garden

Agridude - Chard Cauliflower Lettuce Kale Carrots These pictures are fours weeks after the last post, so around November 1st. You can see that the flowers at the end are dieing, but everything else looks great.  Going around the picture clockwise from the flowers, there is cauliflower, lettuces along the border, and a kale plant in the corner.  In the bottom left are carrots, above that near the path is the swiss chard, and to the left are some beets. Read More