Starting Seeds

I have been thinking about the up coming growing season and what I should start my seedlings in.  I want to use the most environmentally friendly containers possible.  I was thinking of using plastic cups, or buying small containers.   However, these options seem expensive and over time they will have to be thrown out in the trash.

One option is making my own out of newspaper.  I found what is called the pot maker.  Has anyone used this or have any other ideas about making containers?

It is sunny in MSP today so some day dreaming about gardening is in order today!

One thought on “Starting Seeds

  1. In the book “One Magic Square”, Lolo Houbein advocates saving toilet paper rolls and starting seeds in those. Kind of a weird but cool way to cut down on wasted paper. Some people use the bottom of egg cartons or egg flats, though they’re a little small. What’s your seed starting medium?

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