Koom’s Patio Garden Update – Tomatoes and Jalapenos

This post is all about tomatoes and jalapenos!!

On the left is pea currant tomatoes.  They are super small and packed with sugar.  Megan made a pasta salad with them today for lunch.  On the right are my cherry tomatoes.  Unfortunately, I can not remember what type they are.  I am going to turn then into a Cous Cous salad.  Recipes to come!



Here is a couple of close up pictures of the pea currant tomatoes on the vine.





My jalapenos are finally starting to show some fruit.  They are pretty small yet, but with the last couple of sunny days they really took off.  I bought a Weber charcoal grill today from Fleet Farm and smoked a whole chicken!!  Pictures to come.  Find recipes from agridudes on this blog!!!

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