Grant’s Garden Beginning of July

My garden is growing faster than my capacity to keep up with the posts. I’m backlogged by about a month. But I had to get a quick post up to show the progress. Here are some photos showing the growth during the last few weeks after the big expansion was completed on June 9, when tall Paul and I built the garden boxes and planted all the new plots.

Onions plotThe onions really shot up out of no where. Here’s a picture of the ones Paul planted in the Patriotic Plot. I was shocked to see the onions grow so high in only a couple weeks.




Main plot gardenThe main plot is still doing pretty well. The tomato plants seem to have benefited from the fertilizing Paul gave them back on June 9. And my one featured marigold in the foreground is killing it. My jalapenos, however, are dead as a door nail. Is there some limit on plant life? That jalapeno plant is the only plant left from my original planting two years ago. I’m a bit nastalgic about it, but maybe I should just put it out of its misery? Is there any possible cure for it?

Now it’s time to get up close and personal with my tomato plants.Green Zebra tomato plant

Mr. Stripey tomato plant


The Green Zebra tomatoes are looking good, if not green. I let these ones get too ripe I think.




Up next are the Mr. Stripey tomoatoes. I love these guys. They’re great on bruchetta. I just wish they grew a little bigger.


Cherry tomatoes tomato plant

Last but certainly not least, here’s a shot of my cherry tomatoes. These are so much sweeter and better than anything I buy in the store. And this plant is a producer.

Moving on to the more recent expansions, here are a couple pictures of the fence side plot and old bush territory plot. The fence plot isn’t doing so hot. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Maybe too much sun, or maybe it is just that the berries are too tough to grow, or don’t do so hot. Either way, everything seems to be suffering. It is good to see a little bit of lettuce popping up at the back.

Fence plot strawberries blueberries raspberries lettucelettuce


Zucchinis eggplants onions




The old bush plot is doing pretty well. The zucchinis are well on their way to total patch domination, as if they are some meglomaniacal bond villain. The egg plants are doing well too. And you can see the onions are shooting up just like over in the patriotic plot. In my next update, you’ll be able to see the cucumbers I’ve since planted in the back of that plot. A power struggle with the zucchs is imminent!

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