Spring Planning and Aquaponics Phase 1

It’s still snowing and below freezing here in zone 4b, south central Minnesota, but it’s definitely time to get on the ball planning for the full exposure growing season!  We’ll be doing two main gardens, one at a relative’s house in Hastings (800+ sq ft) and another at our community garden plot in Saint Paul (300 sq ft – just got our confirmation Wednesday!)  I may also try a few things on our balcony, which is mostly shaded except for one corner which sees full sun – I’m thinking mostly greens/herbs and maybe a cucumber in a wine barrel or grow bag. Read More

What’s in your water? (part one)

I’ve been keeping freshwater fish since early 2011. My philosophy has been to keep things simple and to let nature teach me what works, so that I can invest as little as possible in time and money to make healthy ecosystems on a small scale.  The goal initially, as with most aquarium hobbyists, was to have a bit of life inside our home – to give us something to look at and engage with, other than a screen. Read More