“You Wait So Long”


First site update of the season. We finally had Spring weather this weekend. So, I went to Home Depot at 9 a.m. yesterday and worked on the garden until 6 at night.  I got every bed prepped and planted with cool season crops. Unfortunately, “Winter is Coming.” We are expecting 1-3 inches of snow on Thursday.  I directly sowed all of my crops.  If they sprout before Thursday, they will most likely die. Let’s hope for some better weather real soon. Us Northmen could use a break. Read More

Jason’s MN Garden Update (July 30)

Here is a bouquet of cooking greens from my garden.  I can eat Collards, Chard, and Kale everyday, if I want to.  These greens are loaded with nutrients and are a great cleanser, after a long weekend of partying.  The Kale is the is the most hardy of the bunch and will survive even a hard freeze (24 degrees).  Generally, it dies off after the first significant snowfall.  I created a wild rice dish with these greens and some northern beans.  I am still fine tuning the recipe and will post it in the near future.  The dish is very earthy and most likely more suitable for a brisk Fall day. Read More

Carrots are Here

Agridude - Jason and his carrotsThese are the first carrots of the year.  They are delicious on salads, but I really want to pickle some of them.  I probably have around 3 pounds total from this summer harvest.  I will be planting way more in the next week.  Those should be ready to harvest in mid to late September.  It has been anywhere from 90 to 101 degrees for the last 8 days.  This is not ideal for germination, so I will plant my Fall crops once the heat breaks.  My tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and basil are doing great with the heat.  Look for a full garden update in the next week.  Heat and mosquitoes have made the last week unbearable in the garden. Read More

A Quick Look at Jason’s MN Garden

This is some arugula that recently flowered.  The leaves will be more bitter now, because the plant is putting its energy into producing flowers.  The nutty flavor of this green is nice for spicing up a salad or bowl of pasta.  When cooking arugula make sure to add it to the dish late in the cooking process.  It is not quite as robust as spinach and can only handle a quick braise. Read More

Morel Madness

Morel discovery

I found these morels under the dead elm tree in my backyard.  The total haul was around 8 pounds. Not bad. These retail for $40/lbs. and are only available during late April and Early May. No one has figured out how to cultivate these yet. They can be found by dead elms and usually like wet areas.  Make sure the mushrooms you pick are indeed morels. Here is a website to help you identify the real thing. Read More