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Roosters are freaking awesome. I recorded this stud at a TomatoMania event in Encino back in March.

Seeing the video reminded me to share this link to TomatoMania’s website and encourage people to check out their events next spring.

First of all, any event that has Roosters strutting around is awesome. Aye! Look at the plumage! This guy was totally free range, just strolling through a crowd of hundreds like he was one of the buyers. More importantly though, TomatoMania is a series of events held throughout the spring in various locals in Southern California (the Washington DC area now too). If you are planning on growing tomater’s, this is a must attend event. They sell literally hundreds of varietals. Event staffers are all over the place, are super helpful, and know everything about the various plants –sun/soil requirements, planting season, size, taste, etc. These people preach on tomatoes like Silicon Valley Yuppies talk fine wines, only you don’t want to shove a cork in the tomato gurus afterwards. So go to the next event near you; get some crazy tomato strain you’d never normally try growing. If you think you are going to find Tartar From Mongolstan’s or Earl of Edgecomb’s (yes, those are actual varietals) at your local Lowes, forget about it. Plus, they got freaking randomly roaming roosters. What else do you want?!

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