Sam’s Work Garden – Introduction to my work garden plot

Agridude - Sam Larson Work Garden 3My name is Sam and I live in MN.  I have been working for Minnesota Rubber for over 10 years now.  Two years ago, the company decided to turn part of the grassy area on our land into a community garden for it’s employees.  I jumped on the opportunity to get some extra space to garden.  This year I was fortunate to receive a 20×23 plot.

I have been gardening for a long time.  As a family, we used to rent plots at community gardens with some friends.  As the years went on, I eventually put a garden in my backyard.  That space has now turned into a strawberry and raspberry patch, and I planted a grape vine that goes around the garden.  I will be posting pictures of this soon.

Agridude - Sam Larson Garden 1Here is another Agridude, Brian, helping me plant all of my seedlings.  He gave me 6 heirloom tomato seedlings that he and his coworker sprouted earlier this year.  I can’t remember all the varieties, but there are some cherries, white tomatoes, and grape tomatoes.  I also purchased some beefsteak and early girl tomatoes.  I have a total of 16 planted, so I should be having tomatoes galore this year.

Agridude - Sam Larson Garden 2Here is another Agridude, Paul, who is my son, planting watermelon and cantaloupe.  I learned that you need to plant these in mounds, so be sure to do that if you are putting them in your garden.  These plants also need space to grow so make sure you give them plenty of room.   I ended up planting 3 cantaloupes and 1 watermelon.  In years past, I have tried to grow giant pumpkins for fun and also so that I could get a picture with my granddaughter on it for Halloween.  I have been unsuccessful though due to deer eating them.  This year my work is going to put up fencing around to keep them out of everyones garden.

Agridude - Sam Larson Work Garden 4Here I am digging the holes for where I will be planting.  Brian is in this picture doing the planting.  Brian, Paul and I planted everything in about an hour.  We really had a good system going.  I am fortunate that my company has this plot tilled each year.  The dirt is full of clay and would be tough for the plants to establish a good root system.

Agridude - Sam Larson Work Garden 6

This is Paul and Brian putting the last few plants into the garden.  Paul looks very Agridudish with those gloves on…yikes.  They are putting in 12 peppers that I bought.  I have some Purple bell peppers and California wonders.


Agridude - Sam Larson Work Garden 7Here are the Argidudes picking up the plastic pots that I bought the plants in.  I forgot to mention that I also planted 2 zucchini plants.  They are also sprawlers like the melons and cantaloupes.  Brian mentioned to Paul that the blossoms are edible and often used as a fancy appetizer at nice restaurants.  I will try to pick a few and have Brian post a recipe with them.

Overall, we had a great time working outside in the garden on a beautiful Minnesota early summer day. I will be posting updates as often as I can and I hope you enjoy the pictures.