Koom’s Patio Garden Update – Tomatoes and Jalapenos

This post is all about tomatoes and jalapenos!!

On the left is pea currant tomatoes.  They are super small and packed with sugar.  Megan made a pasta salad with them today for lunch.  On the right are my cherry tomatoes.  Unfortunately, I can not remember what type they are.  I am going to turn then into a Cous Cous salad.  Recipes to come!



Here is a couple of close up pictures of the pea currant tomatoes on the vine.





My jalapenos are finally starting to show some fruit.  They are pretty small yet, but with the last couple of sunny days they really took off.  I bought a Weber charcoal grill today from Fleet Farm and smoked a whole chicken!!  Pictures to come.  Find recipes from agridudes on this blog!!!

Grant’s Garden Beginning of July

My garden is growing faster than my capacity to keep up with the posts. I’m backlogged by about a month. But I had to get a quick post up to show the progress. Here are some photos showing the growth during the last few weeks after the big expansion was completed on June 9, when tall Paul and I built the garden boxes and planted all the new plots.

Onions plotThe onions really shot up out of no where. Here’s a picture of the ones Paul planted in the Patriotic Plot. I was shocked to see the onions grow so high in only a couple weeks.




Main plot gardenThe main plot is still doing pretty well. The tomato plants seem to have benefited from the fertilizing Paul gave them back on June 9. And my one featured marigold in the foreground is killing it. My jalapenos, however, are dead as a door nail. Is there some limit on plant life? That jalapeno plant is the only plant left from my original planting two years ago. I’m a bit nastalgic about it, but maybe I should just put it out of its misery? Is there any possible cure for it?

Now it’s time to get up close and personal with my tomato plants.Green Zebra tomato plant

Mr. Stripey tomato plant


The Green Zebra tomatoes are looking good, if not green. I let these ones get too ripe I think.




Up next are the Mr. Stripey tomoatoes. I love these guys. They’re great on bruchetta. I just wish they grew a little bigger.


Cherry tomatoes tomato plant

Last but certainly not least, here’s a shot of my cherry tomatoes. These are so much sweeter and better than anything I buy in the store. And this plant is a producer.

Moving on to the more recent expansions, here are a couple pictures of the fence side plot and old bush territory plot. The fence plot isn’t doing so hot. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Maybe too much sun, or maybe it is just that the berries are too tough to grow, or don’t do so hot. Either way, everything seems to be suffering. It is good to see a little bit of lettuce popping up at the back.

Fence plot strawberries blueberries raspberries lettucelettuce


Zucchinis eggplants onions




The old bush plot is doing pretty well. The zucchinis are well on their way to total patch domination, as if they are some meglomaniacal bond villain. The egg plants are doing well too. And you can see the onions are shooting up just like over in the patriotic plot. In my next update, you’ll be able to see the cucumbers I’ve since planted in the back of that plot. A power struggle with the zucchs is imminent!

Grant’s Birthday Weekend in Big Bear

Agridude - Vegetable HarvestLast weekend, Grant and I and our girl friends went up to Big Bear Mountain and Lake for the weekend to celebrate Grant’s 31st birthday.  We both brought up veggies from the garden to use for meals/appetizers over the weekend.  To the left, you can see a zucchini that Grant grew, a few small red tomatoes from Grant, cherry tomatoes from both of us, green zebra tomatoes from both of our gardens, and jalapenos and serrano peppers from my garden.  We got up there late on Friday night and had some burritos with sliced up zucchini from the garden thrown in with peppers and onions.  They were tasty.Agridude - Grant Wake Boarding  On Saturday, we woke up and cooked waffles and eggs before heading out to rent a boat and do some tubing and wake boarding.  You can see in the picutre on the right that Grant was having a good time and definitely did the best of all us that went wake boarding.  Big Bear is very nice, it reminded me of northern Minnesota with mountains.  Agridude - Paul Wake BoardingThe next picture is of myself wake boarding.  I was going to water ski but our boat driver said that is for sissies and I should agridude up and get on a wake board.  This was my fifth attempt and by far my best one.  I will tell you that it is not that easy to get up when you are one half of QT…. I also want to note that I am still UBER sore from wake boarding.  My back and arms feel like I did 200 pull ups and everyone knows that would be impossible for me. Agridude - Grant and Paul TubingAfter everyone went wake boarding, it was time to bring out the tube.  Grant and I had a blast out there.  Tubing really reminds me of being 8 years old and having fun on the water.  Our driver took it easy on us until we were tired of the joy ride and Grant thru up the finger to get buck wild.  I was the first to bail on a full speed nasty turn.  I think I did a cart wheel after I bounced off the water.  Good times…

Agridude - Bruschetta with Heirloom TomatoesOn to the food portion of the trip…and let me tell you we ate a ton.  Here is some bruschetta that Grant’s girlfriend Jilly made.  It was so delicious.  I ate at least four pieces.  It was made from Grants red tomatoes and our green zebras, and basil from my patio garden.  We made caprese salad too but I forgot to take a picture of that.

Agridude - Stuffed JalapenosI made stuffed jalapenos again because I like them so much.  Not all of these were from the garden.  I bought 20 for 2 dollars at my local farmers market and they were uber large which made it easier to stuff and allowed for much more cream cheese in the middle.  We had a grill at the cabin we rented so we decided to grill them up versus baking them.  We also stuffed a few with burrito meat that we had left over and put shredded mexican cheese on the inside instead of cream cheese. These have the Agridude - Stuffed Jalapenos on Grillpotential to be great, but I felt they needed some type of hot sauce to go with them.  I suppose frank’s red hot would also be good on them.  We ended up grilling them almost to perfection.  I’ll post the pictures below for you to see.  The one on the left is the meat stuffed before being cooked, and on the right is the finished product.


Agridude - Stuffed Jalapenos with MeatAgridude - Stuffed Jalapenos Ready to Eat

Stuffed Jalapenos from the Garden with Bacon

Agridude - Jalapenos in the GardenHere is one of the recipes that I really like to eat with jalapenos from the garden.  I also use this recipe with jalapenos that I buy from the farmers market or the grocery store. All you need is some bacon, whipped cream cheese, and jalapenos


Agridude - Washed Jalapenos


Wash as many jalapenos as you want to eat.  Figure about 4 per normal person, 8 per agridude, and 10 if you are a part of QT (that reference is for my brother Adam and a few other select people)


Agridude - Jalapenos halved and guttedCut the jalapenos in half down the middle and then remove the white parts on the inside and as many or as little of the seeds as you want.  I tend to remove ALL the seeds because I have what some would describe as a sensitive stomach and no tolerance for heat…


Agridude - Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheeseStuff the jalapeno halves with cream cheese.  I buy whipped cream cheese (a large tub) for the filling. If you have some shredded mexican cheese, you can throw a handful in for some color and mash it into the cream cheese.  Fill the jalapenos so they are even or if you are like me, over flowing with cream cheese.


Agridude - Frying BaconFry up some bacon that is cut into bits the length of a jalapeno.  Don’t cook too long, just to when it’s starting to cook since we are going to be baking them after this quick pan fry.  Dry the bacon on some paper towels when they are done.


Agridude - Jalapenos stuffed and covered with baconNext, place the bacon bits on top of the jalapeno halves.  You probably should have preheated your oven to 375 by now (remember next time to do it ahead of time just like I am in this post…) Throw them in the oven for 10 minutes or however long you think it’ll take to finish off the bacon and warm up the cheese.  Enjoy the stuffed jalapenos,they are awesome.  Be careful though because they are fiery hot out the oven.  Here is the finished product.

Agridude - Jalapenos finished

Cape Mayhem Gardens Update – July 10th

Agridude - Garden after cleaningSorry it has taken me so long to get another update on the blog.  Happy late 4th of July from Cape Mayhem Gardens as well, hope everyone had a good day.  We barbequed over at the garden and spent the day near the beach.  We watched some good fireworks to end the night and then proceeded to take part in the Ocean Beach marshmallow fight afterward.  Everyone brings bags of mallows to throw at each other after the works, very fun.

Agridude - Paul and JudeTo the right is a picture of Jude and I posing in front of the garden on the 4th for a quick photo opportunity.  Jude helps me take care of the garden and used to be my old roommate.  We had overcast weather for the whole day but that didn’t stop us from having a great time.

Agridude - New Cucumbers

There are a few new things that I did to the garden.  I was unable to get rid of the powdery mildew on my cucumbers with the neem oil.  In fact, I almost think it made it worse.  I showed up to the garden on Sunday afternoon and they were entirely covered in it.  I decided to take them out and put in some new plants that I bought from my local nursery.  It’ll be interesting to see if I can keep the mildew away from these new plants.  I bought a ‘lemon’ cucumber variety as a change up and I am excited to see how it turns out compared to other cucs that we have grown at the garden.

Agridude - Jalapenos and Onions

This picture is showing off the jalapenos and our serrano plant.  The serrano plant is continuing to absolutely kill it.  It comes up to my thigh and the flowers are everywhere.  We have quite a few peppers on there now.  The jalapenos are also doing well.  I pulled about 15 of them and am going to make stuffed jalapenos with bacon.  I will post those pics along with our recipe.  Take a look in the picture and see if you can see an onion sprouting.  It is in the bottom center of the photo and looks like a weed, it has 3 narrow shoots coming out of the ground.  I planted a few onions in some of the open areas and we now have 4 that sprouted.

Agridude - Pete GrillingSo this is Pete, and he lives in Vince’s guest house and built the tiki bar and the garden with me.  He was grilling some zucchini, corn and chicken breasts on Sunday evening and let me eat with him.  His girlfriend Stephanie also helps me a ton with watering the garden.  She used to garden at her old place so it’s nice to be able to bounce some ideas off of.

Agridude - Peter and Paul PunchingHere is another picture of the garden with a nice action shot of Pete and I.  You can see the tomatoes are getting huge.  We are going to have to come up with some type of better staking of the plants.  They are too tall for the cages I put them in and the tops are starting to topple over.  We have been pulling out a lot of ‘dead/yellow’ leaves off the bottoms of the plant. It has really revealed all the fruit that is growing.  Makes me so excited for harvest time!

The other updates for the garden are, I planted some more basil in between our tomatoes, and I planted 6 stalks of corn.  I didn’t really get pictures of these changes, but I will for the next post, although I just noticed you can see the corn to the right of Pete and I in the picture above.

Cape Mayhem Gardens Update June 27th

Agridude - Cape Mayhem Gardens Full ViewI went over to the garden this morning after my bike ride to take some pictures and water.  As you can see, the garden looks pretty good.  Our tomatoes are green,tall and bushy, the pepper plants are doing great.  We have started getting sunshine at the beach too!  Since last friday, we have had the sun out all day.  It has been very nice and I’m sure the plants are loving it.  I gave them a nice deep watering this morning.

Agridude - Potted Omars LebaneseMy Omars Lebanese tomato was struggling in the dirt.  I was debating just ripping it out and throwing it away since it was not nearly as tall or healthy as the other plants.  I decided to pull it this past weekend, but my friend Peter talked me into potting it to see if we couldn’t save it.  I planted it in an old pot that we had lying around and we’ll see what happens.  I am going to have to add some fertilizer to get some good nutrients in the soil for it to have a chance.  I’ll give it some leachate tomorrow and see if it won’t turn it’s fortunes around.

Agridude - Beat Up Cucumbers

My cucumber leaves are still covered with powdery mildew.  I did not apply anymore neem oil to them today.  I will have to do it tomorrow.  I was debating pulling these and putting in new plants.  I might see how they do over the next week or so.  There are a lot of new leaves, but the mildew is all over the vines.  I’ll wait to see what happens with the fruit production.

Agridude - Serrano plantTo the right is a picture of the serrano plant.  This thing is going absolutely crazy!  We have always had good production from our serranos, but the plants have never gotten this tall before.  Sorry for the bad picture, didn’t realize the sun was going to bleach out the top portion of the pic.  There are tons of flowers all of the plant and there are around 5 peppers currently growing.  One cucumber vine wrapped itself around a serrano branch so I cut that loose and staked that branch up.


Agridude - Cherry Tomato turning red

I did some pruning of the tomatoes today as well.  I removed a lot of yellow leaves from the bottoms of the plants.  I noticed that we have a cherry tomato that is beginning to turn red.  There are also a ton of other cherries growing.  I can’t wait for these to be in full production so I can snack on them while doing garden maintenance.

Agridude - Cherry Tomato turning red  Here is a cluster of Crnkovic Yugoslavian’s tomatoes on our heirloom tomato plants.  These should turn out to be 1-2 pound red fruits.  Since I added the worm leachate two weeks ago, I have noticed that the leaves on this plant are growing uber large.  I am excited to taste these and compare them to last years varieties of tomatoes.

Agridude - Jalapenos

The jalapenos are continuing to put out quite a few fruits.  Here is a picture of 2 of our plants.  They are actually larger than what we have had in the past.  We like to make some stuffed jalapenos and we have been unable to do them with them from the garden because they do not grow large enough.  We might be able to give it a try this year though!  If we do, Ill post the recipe with pics.

Here are some other pictures that I took this morning.  The first one is a close up of the right half of the garden.  Basil is looking good.  2nd photo is the new homepage banner and is a full view of the garden.  Last pic is of some pickling cucumbers that I pulled.  I need to pickle them soon…

Agridude - Basil Jalapeno

Agridude - Cape Mayhem Gardens

Agridude - Cucumbers picked

Cape Mayhem Garden Status Update – We Have Fruit!

Agridude - Left half of GardenWell, it’s been a few days since I was over at the garden.  I had my cousin Liz and her baby Chester in town for a week.  I rode my bike over to the garden this morning to water the tomatoes since it had been a week since the last time.  They might not have needed it, but it was going to be a warm day and figured that they could use it. Here is the left half of the garden.

Agridude - Right half of GardenHere is the right half.  We have both slicing and pickling cucumbers on the trellis, 5 tomatoes lining the back of the fence, one giant jalapeño, 4 regular jalapeños, a serrano pepper, 3 uber hot peppers, mint, and strawberries (in the pots).  All the tomatoes are heirloom varieties.  We have Black Carbon’s, Omar’s Lebanese, Green Zebra’s, Tommy Toe’s (cherry) and Crnkovic Yugoslavian’s.

Agridude - Green ZebrasToday I noticed that we have a few green zebra’s starting to form, and a bunch of tommy toe’s starting to develop.  I am excited to see that the tomatoes are growing, but I am thinking about why the plants aren’t nearly as tall as they have been in the past.  There are probably many reasons, but I these are the ones that stick out to me so far: I planted later than normal.  Agridude - Cherry TomatoesThis means I bought my seedlings at the nursery later and maybe that extra time gave the plants less time to grow larger.  I also did not stake the tomatoes when i planted.  I put cages on them probably after 6 weeks.  I normally do it when I plant, but they have grown so tall in past years that we were going to try to do a new custom cage, but never got around to it.

As mentioned earlier, we are growing pickling and slicing cucumbers.  They are off to a terrific start this season.  We have tons of flowers and the plants look very healthy.  Here are two pictures of the cucumbers that we have already, the single cucumber is the pickling, and the group of 3 are for slicing.

Agridude - Pickling Cucumbers

Agridude - Slicing Cucumbers

I also noticed some small jalapeños growing:

Agridude - Jalapeno

That’s it for now.  I’ll be posting some pictures of the harvested fruit when I pull them.  I’ll also flush out the 3 uber hot peppers that we grow.  I can’t remember the types right now…