Planter Box Update

gARDEN 039I have been getting a lot of growth in my planter box during the last couple of weeks.  I had my first harvest of baby greens.  The spinach, swiss chard and cilantro made a nice salad.  I tossed the greens with some balsamic vinegar.  According to growingyourgreens you should eat greens when they are young and tender.

gARDEN 025

O.K. after the harvest this is what is going on currently in the box.  gARDEN 026

I removed the rosemary that was growing to make room for some basil plants.  I put the rosemary in a pot to see if it will keep growing.  I don’t use rosemary very often when I cook because it is a harsher tasting herb.  If it lives great if not oh well.

gARDEN 027



The basil is still small, but they where growing in one small area and needed to be thinned.  Fresh basil is one of my favorite herbs.  I just love the smell and taste. gARDEN 029


After the harvest for my salad, the swiss chard is still going strong with plenty of small shoots coming up.

gARDEN 032


The spinach on the other hand is coming back a little slower than the swiss chard.  On this end of the box there is a small draft from the window.  This could be the cause of lack of growth.  However, eating the baby spinach taste great.

gARDEN 034

The cilantro is growing nicely.  This herb is one of Megan’s favorite.  The seeds are called coriander and the plant is called cilantro. I use both at the restaurant“Just Thinking” feat. Chali 2na will put this post to a close.  Spring is coming soon!

Planter Box Update

AGRIDUDE-2-7-13 011I final purchased a grow light for my planter box that I built last summer.  It has two T5 high out blubs,  and it is about 4 feet long.  I have it on a timer with 10 hours on and 14 hours off.  AGRIDUDE-2-7-13 002



I have planted swiss chard, spinach, cilantro, basil, and some random left over seeds.  The problem that I am having is keeping the planter box warm during this time of year.  However, seeds are starting to germinate.

AGRIDUDE-2-7-13 004


I built the stand that the light is on from PVC pipping and buried it the box.

AGRIDUDE-2-7-13 006


Here are some up close pictures of what I have growing.  Off to work!

AGRIDUDE-2-7-13 003