Paul’s Potted Patio Garden

Agridude - Patio Garden BeginningI live in an apartment that has a 7×10 deck on it.  I have been growing romaine, thyme, basil, sage, blue berries, and one patio tomato on it since I moved in.  Here is a picture when I just started it.  My goal for the patio garden is to produce enough lettuce and spinach so that I don’t have to buy bags of salad at the grocery store. I am planning on building some planter boxes and filling it up with lettuce soon.

I get limited sun due to a large dead tree blocking the sun, and also because my apartment building is behind a large hill. This should be ideal for growing lettuces.  I received a bunch of free seeds from Heirloom Seeds when I ordered a bunch of tomato seeds from them.  I can’t wait to plant them.

Here are pictures of the other stuff that I have growing on the deck. I did not take pictures of the blueberries, but I will get those up soon.  I have not had good luck with getting them to produce any fruit.  I learned recently that it’s hard to grow them this close to the coast.  I need to find someone inland to grow them for me…

Agridude - Patio Garden Parsley

Parsley Grown from Seed

Agridude - Patio Garden Sage and Rosemary

Sage and Rosemary

Agridude - Patio Garden Chives Romain Basil

Chives Romain Basil

Agridude - Patio Garden Thyme Romaine

Thyme Romaine

Agridude - Patio Garden Tomato Plant

Patio Tomato Plant



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