Koom’s Garden Patio 7/24/12

Welcome back, welcome back!!

Here is a picture of what had happened in the last couple of weeks.

Basil is looking good.  This is just two plants that have took off.  When the basil starts to flower I cut off the tops and feed them to my worms!  It smell great and is awesome in salads.

My Swiss chard is out of control.  I cut some off about 2 weeks ago to eat.  It just keeps coming back.








I am starting to get lots of tomatoes.  I have two different species .  One on the rights is a pea size heirloom tomato.  On the left is a cherry heirloom. I got these seeds from a buddy from work.  I always save some seeds from the year before.  

My hop plant on the left came back from death.  Maybe I will get some flowers soon!!  That’s all from Koom’s Patio!

3 thoughts on “Koom’s Garden Patio 7/24/12

  1. Koom I can’t believe how much growth your garden has seen. Unreal. Your patio looks like a total jungle. Those hops are creeping man! I want to try your home brew once you get enough to make a batch. Hope you are well buddy.

  2. Nice work on the patio garden, I wish mine looked like that. I can’t believe how they have taken over the entire patio. I’m glad the hops came back because I want to see the fruit they produce. My tomato in a pot is really struggling, how often are you watering yours?

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