Got Crazy With It

I had a big day today.   I made an indoor planter box for the winter.  Megan said it would be cool if it looks nice.  I am looking into a grow light for the winter!  Any help would be welcome.  Below are some pictures of the birth of the planter box.

There are two parts.  The top box which is 5 feet by 18 inches and is 1 feet deep.  The bottom with the legs is 6 4 by 4s.   To make it look nice I add some trim to the front of it.  I had a hard time with some of the angles.





I then stained the planter box. 

I will show finished picture soon!

5 thoughts on “Got Crazy With It

    • I just winged it! I got all the wood cut at the Home Depot for free and then I just put it together. The hard part was the trim. Home Depot will not cut angles, so I did those myself.

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