Update from Jason

It has been a long time since my last post. Here is what’s new.

  • Had major success canning tomatoes last Fall.
  • The pickling turned out real well too.
  • Started my onions indoors last week.
  • Received a $5000 grant from Lowe’s to build a garden at the school where I teach.
  • Attended a school garden conference at the U of MN Arboretum.

Look for more detailed updates as the planting season approaches here in MN.

2 thoughts on “Update from Jason

  1. Welcome back! I am going to need to need to learn how to can tomatoes since I’m going to be growing 18 plants in my new plot at my community garden. I’m also banking on making some pickles too so I’ll also be asking you about that. Congrats on the 5k to build the garden at your school! That’s pretty sweet. You thinking about doing any fruit trees? Will you be blogging the building of the garden? Last question, do you start your onions from seed?

  2. I will try to blog about the school garden. We will probably have the kids create a blog. I did start my onions from seed. They have to be started in mid Feb. here in MN. I am also starting my brassicas, celery, and lettuce this week. I doubt we will do any fruit trees, but it could be a good idea. Canning is super fun. Let me know if you have specific questions about it.

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