Grant’s Birthday Weekend in Big Bear

Agridude - Vegetable HarvestLast weekend, Grant and I and our girl friends went up to Big Bear Mountain and Lake for the weekend to celebrate Grant’s 31st birthday.  We both brought up veggies from the garden to use for meals/appetizers over the weekend.  To the left, you can see a zucchini that Grant grew, a few small red tomatoes from Grant, cherry tomatoes from both of us, green zebra tomatoes from both of our gardens, and jalapenos and serrano peppers from my garden.  We got up there late on Friday night and had some burritos with sliced up zucchini from the garden thrown in with peppers and onions.  They were tasty.Agridude - Grant Wake Boarding  On Saturday, we woke up and cooked waffles and eggs before heading out to rent a boat and do some tubing and wake boarding.  You can see in the picutre on the right that Grant was having a good time and definitely did the best of all us that went wake boarding.  Big Bear is very nice, it reminded me of northern Minnesota with mountains.  Agridude - Paul Wake BoardingThe next picture is of myself wake boarding.  I was going to water ski but our boat driver said that is for sissies and I should agridude up and get on a wake board.  This was my fifth attempt and by far my best one.  I will tell you that it is not that easy to get up when you are one half of QT…. I also want to note that I am still UBER sore from wake boarding.  My back and arms feel like I did 200 pull ups and everyone knows that would be impossible for me. Agridude - Grant and Paul TubingAfter everyone went wake boarding, it was time to bring out the tube.  Grant and I had a blast out there.  Tubing really reminds me of being 8 years old and having fun on the water.  Our driver took it easy on us until we were tired of the joy ride and Grant thru up the finger to get buck wild.  I was the first to bail on a full speed nasty turn.  I think I did a cart wheel after I bounced off the water.  Good times…

Agridude - Bruschetta with Heirloom TomatoesOn to the food portion of the trip…and let me tell you we ate a ton.  Here is some bruschetta that Grant’s girlfriend Jilly made.  It was so delicious.  I ate at least four pieces.  It was made from Grants red tomatoes and our green zebras, and basil from my patio garden.  We made caprese salad too but I forgot to take a picture of that.

Agridude - Stuffed JalapenosI made stuffed jalapenos again because I like them so much.  Not all of these were from the garden.  I bought 20 for 2 dollars at my local farmers market and they were uber large which made it easier to stuff and allowed for much more cream cheese in the middle.  We had a grill at the cabin we rented so we decided to grill them up versus baking them.  We also stuffed a few with burrito meat that we had left over and put shredded mexican cheese on the inside instead of cream cheese. These have the Agridude - Stuffed Jalapenos on Grillpotential to be great, but I felt they needed some type of hot sauce to go with them.  I suppose frank’s red hot would also be good on them.  We ended up grilling them almost to perfection.  I’ll post the pictures below for you to see.  The one on the left is the meat stuffed before being cooked, and on the right is the finished product.


Agridude - Stuffed Jalapenos with MeatAgridude - Stuffed Jalapenos Ready to Eat

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