Starting Seeds

I have been thinking about the up coming growing season and what I should start my seedlings in.  I want to use the most environmentally friendly containers possible.  I was thinking of using plastic cups, or buying small containers.   However, these options seem expensive and over time they will have to be thrown out in the trash. Read More

Spacing in the Garden

Spacing out your garden is very important for the productivity and health of your garden.  If you plant to close together your plants will not have the room to grow.  On the other hand if they are to far apart your garden is not going to be as productive as it could be.  I found this website which can help with design and organization of your plants. Good luck. Read More

Brining 101

As stated before I am a Chef at Muffuletta In The Park.  At the restaurant we use a brine for all our pork and chicken.  We do this to add flavor and moisture to the meat.  The fun of a brine is that you can add any herbs or spices you want from the garden.  This recipe is a good starting point.  I recommend that you keep the meat in the brine for a minimum of 4 hours.  We do 24 hours at the restaurant.  Enjoy!!  Cooking brings family and friends together. Read More