Happy Late Memorial Day From Cape Mayhem Gardens

Now that the blog is up, I wanted to post some pictures from Memorial Day.  We had fantastic weather for the holiday weekend.  We rode our bikes down to Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach and enjoyed the view.

We biked from the cliffs to the garden and ran into another AgriDude, Jude, my old roommate.  He helped me a ton last year in the garden and has been helping me out this year.  He will be posting to this site as well, but here is a picture of him looking very AgriDudish on his bike on Newport Ave:

I had Kelly take a picture of me near the Ocean Beach pier.  I was having such a nice time being outside in great weather that I wanted her to capture it so I could show everyone:

After the photo shoot was over, we continued over to the garden.  We brought over the beer pong table so we could play pong, watch the Celtics at the Tiki Bar, barbecue, and hang out at the garden.

We had a nice turn out and a great time hanging out.  Hope everyone else’s holiday weekend was fun.

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