Cape Mayhem Gardens Update June 27th

Agridude - Cape Mayhem Gardens Full ViewI went over to the garden this morning after my bike ride to take some pictures and water.  As you can see, the garden looks pretty good.  Our tomatoes are green,tall and bushy, the pepper plants are doing great.  We have started getting sunshine at the beach too!  Since last friday, we have had the sun out all day.  It has been very nice and I’m sure the plants are loving it.  I gave them a nice deep watering this morning.

Agridude - Potted Omars LebaneseMy Omars Lebanese tomato was struggling in the dirt.  I was debating just ripping it out and throwing it away since it was not nearly as tall or healthy as the other plants.  I decided to pull it this past weekend, but my friend Peter talked me into potting it to see if we couldn’t save it.  I planted it in an old pot that we had lying around and we’ll see what happens.  I am going to have to add some fertilizer to get some good nutrients in the soil for it to have a chance.  I’ll give it some leachate tomorrow and see if it won’t turn it’s fortunes around.

Agridude - Beat Up Cucumbers

My cucumber leaves are still covered with powdery mildew.  I did not apply anymore neem oil to them today.  I will have to do it tomorrow.  I was debating pulling these and putting in new plants.  I might see how they do over the next week or so.  There are a lot of new leaves, but the mildew is all over the vines.  I’ll wait to see what happens with the fruit production.

Agridude - Serrano plantTo the right is a picture of the serrano plant.  This thing is going absolutely crazy!  We have always had good production from our serranos, but the plants have never gotten this tall before.  Sorry for the bad picture, didn’t realize the sun was going to bleach out the top portion of the pic.  There are tons of flowers all of the plant and there are around 5 peppers currently growing.  One cucumber vine wrapped itself around a serrano branch so I cut that loose and staked that branch up.


Agridude - Cherry Tomato turning red

I did some pruning of the tomatoes today as well.  I removed a lot of yellow leaves from the bottoms of the plants.  I noticed that we have a cherry tomato that is beginning to turn red.  There are also a ton of other cherries growing.  I can’t wait for these to be in full production so I can snack on them while doing garden maintenance.

Agridude - Cherry Tomato turning red  Here is a cluster of Crnkovic Yugoslavian’s tomatoes on our heirloom tomato plants.  These should turn out to be 1-2 pound red fruits.  Since I added the worm leachate two weeks ago, I have noticed that the leaves on this plant are growing uber large.  I am excited to taste these and compare them to last years varieties of tomatoes.

Agridude - Jalapenos

The jalapenos are continuing to put out quite a few fruits.  Here is a picture of 2 of our plants.  They are actually larger than what we have had in the past.  We like to make some stuffed jalapenos and we have been unable to do them with them from the garden because they do not grow large enough.  We might be able to give it a try this year though!  If we do, Ill post the recipe with pics.

Here are some other pictures that I took this morning.  The first one is a close up of the right half of the garden.  Basil is looking good.  2nd photo is the new homepage banner and is a full view of the garden.  Last pic is of some pickling cucumbers that I pulled.  I need to pickle them soon…

Agridude - Basil Jalapeno

Agridude - Cape Mayhem Gardens

Agridude - Cucumbers picked

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